Stopping Ransomware and other email threats 

Introducing an added layer of protection for your email

URL Shield provides an extra layer of protection against malicious links in emails. Without this feature, email filtering solutions only scan for bad links at the point in time when messages are received. Between the time the message was received and the time a user ultimately clicks a link within, the threat landscape may have changed dramatically. What was once deemed to be “clean” may no longer be so. URL Shield gives Securence another opportunity to protect users at point of click.

How it works

During scanning, URL Shield modifies your messages by rewriting links – replacing them with a unique link to When a user clicks a link, they will first be taken to this Securence site which performs an up to date threat analysis. If the original URL is still considered clean, the user will automatically be forwarded to it. However, if Securence deems the link to be malicious, the user will be warned about the threat and a detailed reason for the block will be given.

URL Shield Features/Benefits

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