Securence – a proactive signature-based email filtering solution.

Why “Signature-Based”?

Since spammers and hackers are continuously coming with new angles on how to penetrate security measures and get at your data, does it make any sense that a single static method would be an effective safeguard?  There are lots of them out there – Bayesian algorithms, honeypots, pattern detectors—and many providers who resell them.

Instead of relying on a single filtering method, Securence takes a dynamic approach that incorporates the best and most relevant of all effective filtering techniques. Signature-Based means that our dedicated team of experts monitor and analyze email messaging day in and day out on a global basis.  They develop signatures that identify, flush out and counter all of the latest spamming techniques and viruses as they evolve and appear.  Not only does this produce the most effective and efficient email filtering possible, but it does so with the lowest possible number of false positives.

Of the 200 billion email messages sent and received every day, 90% of worldwide email is spam according to a Cisco security report cited in Spam, including virus and other threats, continues to be a serious problem for organizations and a drain on IT resources.

What’s more, email administrators are constantly challenged with finding the right balance of eliminating threats and protecting their companies from spam while ensuring legitimate email operations. Organizations that need help in overcoming these challenging email times are turning to Securence.

Trusted by over 5 million users worldwide, including RE/MAX International, ShopNBC, TCF Financial Corporation, Malt-O-Meal Company, Panera Bread Company, and Interstate Companies, to mention a few, Securence provides highly effective email security and anti-spam services all under one roof for small businesses, large enterprises, government and educational institutions, and non-profits.

Established in 2001 and pioneers of signature-based spam detection, Securence is the anti-spam solution of choice. Our email security service has earned a solid reputation for its overall effectiveness and accuracy while being low cost and low maintenance. Securence has processed billions of messages; provides real-time protection from the latest threats with 24-hour monitoring; empowers email infrastructure redundancy, is the lowest priced enterprise solution with the lowest number of false positive returns; a no-brainer solution that is compatible with any email system, and mail is processed within highly secure N+1 redundant data centers.

Complete Protection to Eliminate Threats

  • Scans all incoming and outgoing email to eliminate threats before reaching end users, including viruses, worms, malicious file attachments and other junk mail.
  • Securence has processed billions of messages and provides real-time protection from these latest threats through cutting-edge filtering technology and message analysis with 99% effectiveness, which is monitored by 24/7 technical support and highly responsive customer service.

Empowers Email Infrastructure Redundancy

  • In case a mail server or Internet connection fails, Securence will queue incoming and outgoing mail for 7 days with a debug message queue interface enabling all mail in queue to be delivered once the environment is operational.

An Enterprise Solution to Fit Your Budget

  • In addition to having all the bells and whistles, and utilizing the industry’s top performing anti-spam technology, Securence is the lowest priced enterprise solution available.
  • Additional savings come from reduced bandwidth usage, low IT administration, and no end user involvement required to managing their spam.

Lowest # of False Positive Returns

  • Because Securence has the largest utilization of signature-based detection on the market and only uses proven capture technology, we have the lowest false positive returns in the industry.


  • An industry exclusive, Shadowing redelivers any inbound email received in the past 30 days, assuring delivery and fast recovery of any missing or deleted message.
  • Emails in the shadow interface are stored in a secure and encrypted state with restricted access.

Secure and Sophisticated Hosting Environment

  • Securence’s security platform and robust infrastructure is hosted with redundant fail-over capabilities that are load balanced among multiple redundant N+1 data centers, ensuring 99.99% uptime and reliability.
  • Facility exceeds GLB and HIPAA security standards as well as BSI safe harbor regulations and SOX compliance.

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